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Need to Know Who a Phone Number Belongs To? Here is How
How many times have you found that you have someone's phone number but you need to know who the phone number belongs to? I have been in the situation.  Argentina Mobile Database  Some months back, I was trying to mail someone a gift but I only have their phone number. But luckily for me, I was able to get their address with the help of the phone number.

Did you call the owner to ask for their address?

No, I did not. There are some times you have a phone number but need to find out who the telephone number belongs to and you don't want to call back the number which was the case in my own situation.

So how do you usually find out who a phone number belongs to?

There are so many reasons as to why any one would want to find out who a phone number belongs to and there are as well many ways to find out who owns a telephone number. It is easier if the number in question is a listed land line number as there are directories on the internet that will let you enter a number and get the details of the owner provide the number in question is a listed land line number.

Does it mean these directories won't work for mobile and unlisted phone numbers?

Exactly, the public directories will never work for unlisted and mobile telephone numbers as there are privacy laws that prohibit telecommunication companies from listing the details of the owners of these type of telephone numbers on the public directories.

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